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Soy on Track: The project and the platform for transparency in the soy value chain.

The Soy on Track Project is a joint effort to strengthen social and environmental commitments and corporate policies of the soy value chain in the Amazon and Cerrado regions.

It has the main aims: to support the implementation of Soy Moratorium in the Amazon, the Green Protocol of Grains in Pará and sectorial and corporate deforestation-free soy chain in the Cerrado.

The Soy on Track platform is a one-stop hub that provides access to systems, tools, data and technical information for a deforestation-free soy chain.

A team of experts, supported by strategic local and international partners, works to develop solutions.

As such, producers, soy traders and soy industry of all sizes, and also investors can use this environment to find the materials they need to improve and implement their commitments and policies.

The public, in general, can also use it as a source of data and resources to monitor the progress of the agreements undertaken by the chain. Come in and get involved!